Designer Dish: Ronaldo Fraga

For those of you who don't keep up with the happenings south of the equator, São Paulo Fashion Week officially kicked off yesterday in a tent in Parque Villa Lobos (for once I am NOT at all envious of the attendees - it is WARM here, and I can only imagine the heat got kicked up a couple notches in an enclosed, sun-exposed space full of people) and one of the featured designers amongst today's shows was Ronaldo Fraga, a Brazilian-born and bred designer who hails from the state of Minas Gerais and whose small workspace in São Paulo I had the privilege of visiting on Sunday for a sneak preview of the Winter/Inverno 2013 collection.

Unfortunately, the extent of my conversation with him was something along the lines of him asking me if I would like water, juice, or coke, and me answering in some meek garbled version of a Portuguese "water is fine, thank ye muchly gafphtiehgks(*#%)$&heh?"

The studio was otherwise lovely, lots of colorful fabrics and tall skinny things discarding their clothing with no apparent shame whatsoever (forgive me, but I guess I never fully realized how little ownership you have left of your own body when you are a model until Sunday). Ronaldo himself was a pleasant character, full of jokes and boyish charm and a rather remarkable mustache.

I especially loved the shoes, which came in all different colors and materials but all with the same elfish shape - these are really shoes that you can beat a potential attacker in the balls with.

Here are the highlights from yesterday's show, drawn directly from the SPFW website.

I especially love the colorful patterns and the elaborate embroidery. And let's not forget the fun Rapunzel-inspired hairstyles - it's cool to see hair presented as an actual accessory. Just look how much the models are enjoying them, too!

What do you think of these designs? Would you wear them?
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