Stovetop S'mores and Sundays

On Sundays, all the stores are closed and the streets of São Paulo are totally empty. I'm not entirely sure what everyone is doing but they're certainly not out and about.

...Which makes it the perfect time to get stylish and get out there and shoot! This is actually my outfit from Saturday night, when we savored Chilean food for the first time and discovered a live samba bar a couple blocks from our apartment. My hair looks better under the sun, though, so here's the contrived version of our night out à la walk around the neighborhood.

FLEECE-LINED SWEATER Tommy Hilfiger (similar here) |
 JEANS Uniqlo (similar here) | CAMISOLE Mossimo Supply Co sold at Target |
 LACE SHIRT American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) | SCARF Mango |
 BAG Patricia Nash (similar here) | ESPADRILLES Nonna Dorff from the shop on the corner |

 NECKLACE & EARRING handmade, crafts market in Bangkok & Lafayette, LA, respectively

We otherwise enjoyed a lovely Sunday in. Woke up and had breakfast with the fam*, and then I dipped my pinky in henna (see above) and spent an hour trying not to touch anything while Mr. Boyf went out to the only place on our street that was open (candy store!) and picked up some flower-shaped marshmallows.

Anyone who has lived in South America, especially Argentina or Brazil, knows that getting all your favorite imports is a) hard, and b) pricier than installing a robot spinal column, and while we've found the classic white fluffies, they cost about USD$10 a bag. These lovely lilies come in at an affordable USD$1.25. Then all you have to do is light the stove (they don't light themselves here), grab a garfinho**, and voilá! You're back at your middle school summer camp, roastin' some fluff around the campfire.

Our next challenge is attaining cranberry sauce for Saturday's Thanksgiving Extravaganza. Updates later.

Nom nom nom nom have a lovely week everybody!
*our roommates, consisting of an adorable but unfortunately smelly old dog, a jolly hippie photographer, a charming graphic designer with eclectic music tastes, and a beautiful and bouncy little blonde thing coming in at about 3 years old.
**literally, "little fork" - the stabby thing used to pick up bits of meat for classic Brazilian barbecues, more affectionately referred to as churrasco (shoo-HAH-skoo).
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