3 Heart-Warming Holiday Films

Whila Isa and the boyf are in Buenos Aires working tank tops, Jen and the Irishman have been huddling against the chilly Paris evenings in front of a laptop screen. Right now they're working their way through the Die Hard quadrilogy (the original from 1989 could be no. 4 on this list), but here are some of the other holiday movies we'll definitely be watching this month.

3. A Muppet Christmas Carol

Checkmarks for teaching kids a little about English literature, being clever, and singing. Who can forget Scrooge's intro where all of London, from the shopkeepers to the cabbages, is singing about his crimes against humanity (muppetity?). The whole thing is cast perfectly, but making Gonzo the narrator - i.e. Gonzo journalism - brilliant.

2. The Santa Clause

Remember when you found out Santa was your parents? How much of a buzz kill was that? How much more materialistic did you become once you knew who to ply for presents? In the Santa Clause, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) goes from capitalizing on Christmas to saving it from cynical school teachers, cops, and step-parents. Of course, he gets some help from his spunky young son and group of kick-ass elves.

Did anyone else have a crush on Bernard?

1. Love, Actually

Christmas is really about love, or well, the part that isn't about shopping is about love. This movie has our hearts because love is jumping into an eel-infested lake in your skivvies to save someone's novel and going door to door singing "Good King Wenceslas" as you search for the one who (almost) got away, and sometimes it's loving Keira Knightley with your wasted heart until she turns into a mummy. And because love is also bro-ing out watching "Titanic," as well as skipping Elton John's holiday party and/or a romp with the office hottie to be with your best pal / unwell family member.

For all the ridiculous ways love and Christmas drive you crazy and redeem your spirit, this one has our vote for best Christmas movie of the 00's.
3 Heart-Warming Holiday Films
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