Bridge into Winter

Protip: In Paris, all the national museums (i.e. the Louvre) are free on the first Sunday of the month.  The only problem is that everyone knows about it, so you've got to get there early and queue like you mean it.  

Unfortunately, as much as we wanted to go to the Musee d'Orsay, it was FREEZING on Sunday and we were trying to go to mass (hello knee-length pencil skirt!) at 6 p.m. Freezing + knee-length skirt = lecture from boyfriend about the ridiculousness of my outfit.  Excellent.  Anything for you internauts, anything for you.

So after we gave up on the Orsay, we started walking back towards the Louvre while we planned our  next move. The Irishman agreed to take my picture (many times) as we crossed over the Seine. Facing the setting sun -- at 4 p.m. -- I looked drunk/lost in so many shots he finally handed me his Guinness sunglasses and a measure of dignity.  

On this bridge, la passerelle Léopold Sedar-Senghor, hundreds of lovers have etched their initials into padlocks and clamped them onto the guardrails. Wikipedia calls them "love locks." It's the urban version of carving your initials in a heart into a tree. 

I love them, city hall thinks they're an eyesore. What do you think of the love locks?

 COAT J. Crew | SCARF market in Barcelona (similar available here) | TOP Rebecca Beeson (similar here) | SKIRT J. Crew | STOCKINGS Legg Avenue | SHOES Nine West | BAG Hadaki | SUNGLASSES provided by Guinness & Co.

Bridge into Winter
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