Hippie Roots

Good morning, all. We're going to be off to a grim start today - this was supposed to be a beautifully whimsical and charmingly playful post, but I feel that in light of last night's loss I should pay some sort of tribute to Oscar Niemeyer, the incredible Brazilian architect who designed the U.N. building in NYC and all of Brasilia, lived through both World Wars, and was practicing up to shortly before his death at the age of 104. He was an inspiration to us all and will be sorely missed.

But back to whimsical and playful: so while I was getting back to those hippie roots (believe it or not, I used to dress like this ALL the time), Boyf and I thought we'd get back to our childhood roots and skip down to our 3-year-old roommate's favorite park and try out the swings. Y'know. See if we still had it in us.

And luckily, it turns out our backs aren't giving out yet!

Also luckily, we were able to enjoy a beautiful, beautiful São Paulo day (it's a rare one that's not fettered by rain!) in one of the rare green oases of this relentless urban landscape.

The plant life here is in full bloom and full rainbow regalia. As for me, I'm milking this neon trend for all it's got while it's still around.

 HAREM PANTS street market in Thailand | SHOES fsny |
 DREAMCATCHER NECKLACE & BRACELET various street fairs in Argentina |
 SEED NECKLACE traditional Guaraní | EARRING market in Thailand |
 NAIL POLISH Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Sunset Orange

I got to be silly on the slide while Boyf snapped photos and a gaggle of toddlers looked on in confusion (they're so cute when they open their eyes wide like that!) and the occasional dog sniffed me on his way to locate a satisfactory spot to do his business. It's days like these that make me appreciate my life - and it's days like these that make me realize what a lucky, lucky girl I am, namely to exist in this world because, for all its flaws, it's beautiful.

And cheesy though it may be, I'm not ashamed to get back to my hippie roots every once in a while.

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