COUNTER-CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Boyf in the living room last minute Skyping with his sister in New Orleans; clean shoesies; our room during the process of packing; our (maybe too) tiny shared suitcase.

Today's is a quick update only. In yesterday's post I mentioned that I was supposed to be leaving SP today (summer vacay what up?!). This was a lie. I was supposed to be leaving yesterday, but silly ol' me didn't bother to look closely at our flight itinerary before 12 hours after the flight left. So we hastily booked the earliest (tomorrow), most affordable (about the same as the original round-trip ticket) flight we could and today have been sitting around the house hating ourselves for being such dumbdumbs and trying to see the bright side (all our laundry has fully dried!).

So here's a sneak-peek of our preparations and look forward to Wednesday, when I will greet you from somewhere new (bonus points if you can guess! hint: there will be NATURE!)! Until then, Happy December all!
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