La Ciudad de (los) Buenos Aires

Welcome to the city I used to call home but now just call Buenos Aires. This is our third day in the Argentinian capital and our third day of perfect sun, and boy did I miss this place. I guess especially coming from São Paulo, the city of 6 layers of concrete with a concrete cherry on top, this city seems like paradise. Sure, it's a bit run-down these days (Cristina Kirchner would not be my top candidate for running an economy), but the near-perpetually sunny-with-a-light-breeze weather and the myriad of parks studding the city are really a huge step up for those of us who like some fresh air every now and again, and I know already I'll be reluctant to leave. I'm here with Boyf (of course) and Adam, a high school friend of mine who is currently living in Rio. The last two days I've dragged them around a better part of the city, and we've already covered the National Congress, the 9 de Julio Avenue (widest in the world and they won't let you forget it!), the obelisk (not shown), the Pink House (their version of the White House by day, nightclub extraordinaire by night), Puerto Madero with the famous Puente de la Mujer ("Bridge of the Woman"), the Japanese gardens, and my favorite ice cream place in the whole wide world.

SANDALS Free People | PURSE Patricia Nash (similar here) |
JEWELRY from various street fairs and markets

As you can tell, we certainly haven't been lacking in sunshine and sweets, and I've also been dragging them around for all my favorite (flavorless, because that's just how they roll here) Argentine foods, including but not limited to pizza, empanadas, meat, pastries, other miscellaneous carbs, and 1800 kinds of sweets (the most flavorful foods in this country). Today we're doing a day trip to San Isidro in Buenos Aires province, and Monday will see us to yet another new (even greener!) destination.

TANK TOP Mossimo Supply Co from Target | 
NEON YOGA BRA Forever 21 |
SKIRT Vince from Saks Fifth Avenue

The only downside is that in such balmy weather I've forgotten to get my holiday spirit on (I also packed mostly for colder weather, hence why I've been left with these super sub-par outfits). I haven't even been listening to Christmas music because it makes me feel cozy, which is really the last thing anyone wants in 90-degree weather. Is anyone else traveling somewhere warm for the holidays? How are you keeping your holiday spirits up?
La Ciudad de (los) Buenos Aires
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