Saturday in the Marais - Street Style

Saturday is the day everyone lives for over here, especially bright sunny Saturdays when it's starting to feel like Christmas. Irishman and I headed east to the Marais, that centrally located neighborhood that holds the Centre Pompidou and is just across the river from Notre Dame. Historically the city's Jewish quarter, the gays have also adopted it as the center of their nightlife, and, as usual, brought a lot of panache along with them.  As is so often the case in areas inhabited by (historically?) marginalized groups, the quartier is a hotbed of creativity, especially style.  

The Marais holds every major European clothing chain -- Zara, Mango, Comptoir des Cotonniers, H&M -- but its strength lies in its unique boutiques and the standouts who shop them.
Window of Hier pour Demain
One trend that seems to pick up more steam every autumn -- and make your daily métro commute a little more perilous -- are don't-f***-with-me studs. A great way to take on the big bad city.  Even Marc Jacobs' mice are urbanizing!
Les Japonais mysterieux
La Fumeuse
Ratatouille with Street Cred
If metallurgy isn't for you, I see more and more people getting back to nature by putting some hair on their chests (and backs, and heads) as the mercury drops. Below, a few I separated from the herd.

Mobile Multitasking

Fur and Florals

Towards the end of our urban safari, we stumbled into this cute boutique, Tudo Bom? Featuring products and attitude straight from Brazil.  The boutique is also running a pretty awesome competition right now. You can check out the details here. It's bright, it's friendly and it's making me miss Isa.  I am absolutely nuts for these beaded belts and booties.  What would you wear 'em with?

Just before we called it a day, the Irishman and I hoofed it to a photo gallery where we ran into this masterful mademoiselle working a Christmas color scheme. Rocking brights and statement tights = my new year's resolution.
Bright Tights!
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