It's Ma Birfday!

Yep yep yep yep you heard right! Yours truly just turned 22 today (and can't seem to stop thinking OH EM GEE I'M ALMOST DEAD). Indeed, I shall be treating myself to some well-deserved birthday fabulosity when I get home from work! Which shall consist of... buying myself a cake from the cake place up the street (always smells divine) and... lounging around all evening (this is actually quite the treat as lately I've been working from 9 am to 10 pm every day). I've already canceled all my English classes. I'm so excited! Relaxation!

LACE DRESS BB Dakota from Shopbop (similar here) |
 BLAZER ASOS Boyfriend Blazer | WALLET Kate Spade (similar here and here) |
 RING market in Thailand | PENDANT gift from Boyf from Mignon Faget |
 CHARM BRACELET gift, from Agatha Paris
BALLET FLATS Marc by Marc Jacobs from Net-A-Porter

But while my birthday gift to you guys is this outfit, this is one of those unfortunate years where I am too broke to really get myself a tangible present (maybe I can convince the rents to go in on some new work clothes in honor of my double double digits?). Honestly, though, all I really want is a JOB, and the only way I can get myself one of those is by writing lots of cover letters and spending lots of hours tweaking my résumé and hoping to god that someone sees my application in the sea of desperate recent graduates' applications and decides that I do, actually, look like the ideal candidate for their job and they WANT TO ORDER 50 COPIES OF THIS ONE, PLEASE, and bee tee dubs do you think it's okay if I start a cover letter with "Dear Sir or Madam: TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND ALL I WANT IS A JOB PLEASE MAKE A POOR GIRL'S YEAR AND HIRE ME"?
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