Just going to let you down gently now: pictures of me stuffing my face not shown. Other pictures of this really cool hamburger joint we went to the other day, however, will be shown! Click read more - I command you to.

DRESS Little India in Singapore | BELT Mango |
 BRACELET Guaraní | NECKLACE Punta Cana, DR |
 EARRING & BAG various ferias | SHOES Key

I have to admit it was a lovely afternoon, even though the couple of kilometers' walk in heels (comfy, but heels all the same) blistered my left ankle (bring on the bandaids!). We've noticed American-style burger joints seem to be pretty popular in São Paulo these days - this one was clear out of Williamsburg, or perhaps New Orleans, and we've been in a few that were trying for everything from old-style diner to Texan trucker joint (some Couchsurfers took us to that place our first week here, and we were... quite frankly, irritated at the $20 price tag for totally non-exotic American hamburgers, but in retrospect it was a cool experience). If you're in São Paulo, though, Meats is definitely worth a try! The food was pretty good, but the atmosphere was what really did it (or maybe we're just nostalgic). Warning, however: the regular cheeseburger/hamburger comes without lettuce and tomato, so if you're looking for something more than the basic, order something fancier-sounding.

In other (fashion) news, all those beautiful, delicate first knuckle rings we've all been lusting after? Turns out they're old news. But don't you love it when history comes back into fashion? (I'm still waiting on the 20s to become the next big thing. I would love to give petticoats a short stint in the spotlight as well, although I think they might be a bit too impractical.) Any old fashions you'd like to see back in style?

The One Where She Is Most Definitely Not A Vegetarian
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