The Ups & Downs of Rio

Finally, the promised Carnaval pictures! These are all from the Sambadrome (sambódromo), where a couple nights a year Rio's favela communities come out to play in all of their finest, sparkliest regalia! It was a fabulous time and an incredible show that starts at 9 pm and keeps right on going until 5 or 6 am the next morning. We headed out around 3 because we were exhausted, though, but not before we snapped these! (Click here to see a selection of the press photos.)

But as I discovered this morning, I brought something even more fun (can you imagine!) from Rio: dengue fever! (If you didn't catch the sarcasm, well, that was sarcasm.) I've already taken most of the week off for exhaustion and weirdly intense body pain and fever, but then yesterday evening I was struck with the worst headache I've ever had and when, after a night of fitful sleep, I woke up and it was still there, I headed to the hospital. And geez are private hospitals expensive when you don't have health insurance, eh?

No worries, though! There are two types of dengue, and I have the non-hemorrhagic kind (woot woot)! Which means that I'll just be feeling like total crap for another week or so, and then very possibly just deep-bone exhausted for the couple of weeks following. On the bright side, though, it probably won't kill me, and I luckily didn't get that unsightly measles-like rash that is one of the more common symptoms. I can also check "get infected with an exotic tropical disease" off my life list!

P.S. For an upcoming post you can look forward to some more up-close-and-personal pictures with the ladies in the giant feather costumes! (They are just SO COOL!) Yay!

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