Out For a Walk in Graffiti Alley (Beco do Batman)

Good morning, all, TGIF, and happy February! Today officially marks one week until we head to Rio for some crazy Carnaval celebrations. Are you jealous? You should be.

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In the meantime, it's finally starting to get HOT. That means get out your sunscreen (make sure it offers both UVA and UVB protection) and get ready to go to the beach. (If you're in the northern hemisphere, as most of our readers invariably are, put on sunscreen and go make a snowman.)

I am, actually, going to the beach next week (Riooooo) and so I've been even more on top of my running and yoga-ing and eating less bloaty preservatives than usual lately. It's always hard when you move to a new place to get your routine down again and adjust your diet to the available foods but it's been a couple months and I have reached the point where I have been able to mostly cut out all the new and foreign processed foods I felt obligated to try upon my arrival.

During this whole process, I have been contemplating several new healthy diet* options:
a) cut out dairy (I've heard good things)
b) Paleo (also heard good things, and it was on a modified version of this that I felt better than I ever have)

Pros of Option A are less added hormones (although in the states I generally try to only consume organic dairy) and less bloatiness (I am half Asian and therefore at least 1/4 lactose intolerant and clearly 3/4 bad at math), but does it mean I have to give up milk chocolate? Can I give up doce de leite? Can I give up cheese, the most goldenly delicious savory substance known to man? Can I give up English breakfast tea with milk?! If I just cut most dairy out, will it be just as effective?

Option B's #1 pro is feeling awesome all the time. But I've kept varyingly close-to-Paleo diets before, and it's hard to shop for/accomodate. If you wake up late and don't get a chance to prepare your lunch, you have very limited options for what you can buy to eat elsewhere. Also, can I consume dairy on this diet? Cavemen probably didn't, but I'm sure they also followed somewhat of a regional macrobiotic diet since they didn't have international trade making even regional fresh foodstuffs available at their local supermarket and I am certainly not refusing any mangosteens I can get my hands on even if I don't happen to live in their native habitat.

I am not looking to make an immediate change, just to generally transition towards one of these for the long term. Opinions? Have you tried either? Any other diets* that have worked well for you? Or do you just think all diets are stupid?

*DISCLAIMER: These are not diets to get thin! These are diet options simply to only put the best into my body and none of the crap.
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