The Lazy Sunday Chronicles

Weekends, now that I'm working a job and a half and a blog and a whole lot of job applications in my "free" time, have become pretty mandatory hardcore fun-and-lounging days. Saturday is Funday, where we go out and get some good wholesome SP experiences, and Sunday is lie-around-and-pretend-we're-going-on-a-run-later day. And then Monday is too soon.

(Wouldn't life just be infinitely better if we all only had to work 4 days a week and had 3 off?)

The early afternoon was consumed by lackadaisical yoga and lunch-hour breakfasts, and the late afternoon by lentil curry, à la BBC with Thai curry paste all the way from Bangkok courtesy of my lovely mother. It was good! And vegan. So if you've got some lentils lying around and you don't know what to do with them...

In other, awesomer news, in 4 days and 12 hours we'll be on a bus to Rio, getting ready to party hardy until Mardi Gras day! And then there is Chinese New Year! And then it's Valentine's Day! And is anyone else dealing with this onslaught of holidays?! Too many cultures in my life all planning holidays in the SAME WEEK! Help!

And in other, less awesome and kind of late news - Asma Al-Assad is pregnant! For those of you unaware, Asma is the British-born beautiful fashionista wife of Bashar, and since this war has started she seems determined to go down in history with the likes of Imelda Marcos as her people, especially women, suffer unimaginable horrors at her husband's hand. So please let's all cross our fingers and hope the unborn child turns out to be better than their dipshit scum-of-the-earth parents. Genetics isn't everything, right? I don't necessarily wish molten lava and fire to rain down on any of their innocent offspring, but I do wish it to rain down upon them. Fingers crossed for peace, y'all.

And before I forget, happy Super Bowl Sunday! It's such a bummer knowing that I'm stuck at home while all my friends are eating wings back in New Orleans! For anyone else also bummed about anything surrounding today's game, give this a click. It'll cheer you up, promise. But I hope you're all out partying the night away! What did you do for Super Bowl Sunday?

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