Feather Fantasies & Fabulosity

So after a full week off work and a lot of bone aches and bed rest, I seem to be mostly dengue free! Went back in to get my platelets checked yesterday and my blood is fully coagulative, so no excessive bleeding for me! And work again tomorrow, but I finally feel up to it. The bad news is there won't be many outfit posts coming up for while since I was too lethargic to get out and wear them.

So in the meantime, meet part II of our sambadrome pictures - the part to be jealous of! I couldn't help as these girls whirled and twirled and pranced and danced (all very impressive in the 6-inch heels they all seem to be sporting) but WANT THEIR COSTUMES. They put the VS Angels and New Orleans' Mardi Gras Indians to shame! If Halloween weren't a fall holiday, I'd definitely head out in one of these. Who knew you could be so fabulous with so little on?!

My favorite is the first one (but I'm a sucker for rainbows - that was also my favorite part about being head of the GSA in high school (shhh!!!)). I'm also loving the total body-confidence these women have to have to wear a thong in front of tens of thousands of people. I'm certainly not sure I'd be brave enough! Which one(s) do you like best? Would you wear any of these?

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