Easter Treatster: Brigadeiro (3-Ingredient Brazilian Fudge!)

So if you were wondering what I was going to bring you back from Brazil, this is it! And just in time for Easter, too, if you find yourself in a pinch for a dessert! There are only 3 ingredients that you may very well have around your house, so even if you're not in a pinch - no excuses! You can't pass this deliciosity up.

This dessert is called brigadeiro, and it comes in all different flavors - but today we're going to make the classic chocolate.

Classic Chocolate Brigadeiro (makes about 20 brigadeiros)

-one standard can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
-2 handfuls of chocolate chips, any kind (say about 1/4 cup)
-sprinkles/sugar/other coating

(Make sure you are available for the next 15 minutes because you're going to need to stir.) Heat up the sweetened condensed milk over low heat for a minute or two, stirring constantly, and add in the chocolate chips. Keep stirring. Chocolate chips should eventually completely dissolve. Keep stirring. The mix will get thicker. Keep stirring. When the mix reaches the point where it looks like this: you can remove it from the heat and stop stirring. You can be sure it's rollable by putting a tiny bit into a glass of cold water - it might get cloudy and white, but the brigadeiro itself should not dissolve even if you roll it around between your fingers. Wait for it to cool (we threw it in the freezer for a bit because we're impatient), roll it into little balls (your hands will probably get messy), and roll it in the sprinkles until coated. Tada! Pure delicious.

Happy Easter!

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