CREATURE FEATURE: Maya of Archistas!

Good morning Amurrica and first things first: I've decided to only do Creature Features once a month now. Because I can.

But since you're here, here's March's: the beautiful Maya of Archistas! I've loved her blog since I first stumbled across (is anyone else now wary of saying "stumbled upon" lest someone think you stumbled upon a page via StumbleUpon?) it roundabout the time I launched La Saloperie. As her blog name may suggest, she shares one of my dearest passions - architecture! If you didn't know, I did a couple years of architecture school and then dropped with the intention of doing it for grad school instead. Then I got distracted by other things. But I still think about it sometimes! But yes, Maya. This lovely girl is an architecture student from Belgium who has been blogging for a couple months short of a year, and I love love love love love that I can go to her site both to see some great style and some pretty buildings! I should mention that it's also downright impressive she even manages to keep her blog up and running - architecture school is demanding! Below she talks about juggling blogging and school and dressing comfy for deadlines. Enjoy!

1 - How do you think your background in design (and more specifically, architecture) has influenced your style?
Well I'll start by quoting Coco Chanel - Fashion is architecture, it's a matter of proportions.
For me fashion and architecture are really closely related as well. In high school I was rather shy about my clothing choices, afraid of what people would think. But ever since I started uni I've felt more free to let my creativity go. This also came through in my fashion choices. I've always tended towards a more rock-chick look but I've only fully embraced it the last couple of years.

2 - Architecture school is notoriously grueling. How do you find the time to blog?!
Most of the time I can manage, I only post three times a week and in some weeks I could probably do more posts if I wanted. The only times that I have troubles blogging is when deadline moments are near. Those times are really as bad as they say - long nights, lots of coffee and little to no sleep.

3 - Be honest: do you ever leave the house looking less-than-stylish?
Oh yes, you should see me during the deadline-times I mentioned above, although I barely leave my room then, I just throw on whatever I see first. There are also other moments when I just want to dress comfy and don't care about my looks. I guess everyone has a moment like that once in a while.

4 - What sort of music do you listen to?
My iTunes list consists of mostly rock-bands and alternative music. Either I'm in for some guitars and drums, or other times I prefer more dreamy singer-songwriters. Favorites of the moment are: Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Ben Howard, The XX, Ed Sheeran, Gotye,…

5 - Who is your photographer? How did you meet them?
My photographer is my boyfriend, I kind of forced him to. He didn't quite know what he was doing at first but he's really starting to love photography. So you could say he's found a new favorite hobby.
For photos where I'm not pictured, those are my own, I've loved photography ever since I was little and it's nice to shoot something myself every once and a while.

6 - If you had to wear the same outfit for a week, what would it be?
It depends on the season! In summer time I'd say: my favorite blue shorts and a simple top with a bikini underneath. During colder days I'd go for jeans and a comfy sweater. I love dresses but I wouldn't wear them for 7 days in a row.

7 - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
That's a though question, up until now I was always very sure of what I'd do. But for now the time after graduation will hopefully be one big adventure. It's been my dream to go traveling and see the world for so long now. I don't know what I'm going to come across during that journey, so five years from now is hard to predict. I do hope I'll still be blogging and that I'll have this wonderful document of my travels online.

8 - What is the first thing you notice about a person?
I think I'd say I pay attention to the vibe a person is transmitting, I pay attention to the whole if that makes sense. I look what kind of clothes someone is wearing, the haircut, the face,… It's this first impression that makes me decide if I'd go talk to them or not.

You can find and follow Maya on Bloglovin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, lookbook, instagram, polyvore, and fashiolista - and I encourage you to!
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