Pippi Longstocking

We've had frigid weather (by which I mean CONSISTENT LOWS OF UNDER 45°F (7ish°C) and to offer you my condolences if you live in a truly cold place) in New Orleans the last couple of days, and everyone's walking around bundled up like penguins in sweaters and scarves (now picture it - aww!). I welcomed the opportunity to open up my winter box and reunite with my long-lost knits.

COAT Miss Sixty (similar here) | SWEATER (barely visible) Tommy Hilfiger |
 SKIRT vince. (similar here) | WOOL-BLEND TIGHTS Hue (similar here) |
 BOOTS Marks & Spencer | PURSE feria de Mataderos (B. Aires) |
 SCARF Lucky Brand | HAT Forever 21 | EARRING made by moi

And so it was that yesterday my beautiful wool coat got its one and only use of the year and I figured I should give it its moment to shine and snap some photos. But only after we enjoyed a delicious lunch with some friends at Dat Dog, everybody's favorite hot dog joint.

Now, disclaimer: I hate hotdogs. They're gross. They come in a variety of off-putting colors ranging from Raw Meat Slush to Neon Orange, and the texture is repulsive at best. But if you haven't been to New Orleans recently, or if you live here and don't know about Dat Dog, then you're missing out... on an opportunity to love hot dogs. (If the latter is the case, I also move to add a "SHAME ON YOU" to the record.) The delectable menu selections feature such favorites as Guinness Dog, Alligator Sausage, and the classic Bratwurst (no pureed rat here!), and the toppings - oh, the toppings! - are unlimited. And believe me, you haven't lived until you've had a gourmet sausage on a fluffy hot dog bun topped with guacamole. And if you've never had guacamole, you are clearly dead.

Dessert was an order of White Trash Fries, guaranteed both to explode your stomach and make you feel like true white trash, of which it accomplished both. Which, really, is one of the things I love about winter - I can eat all that and then hide the resulting food baby behind a sweater, a scarf, and a giant wool coat. But as summer looms menacingly near, I'm going to have to hunker down and hit the pavement. Which is the plan for later today. The perks of being unemployed are that it gives you all the time in the world to do other stuff. So for today, all of you unemployed kids out there, let yourself feel lucky for a day! And all of you out there with proper jobs, be jealous that we can wake up late and do yoga instead of pouring coffee down our throats and burning my eyes out on a computer screen covered in endlessly dull & useless tasks. There are worse things than a bad economy, you know.
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