Rediscovering New Orleans

We've been back in New Orleans for a couple days already and it's simultaneously as if we were never gone and as if we've dropped into a whole new city. There is so much to rediscover, and so much to discover for the first time! Mostly new foooooooood. I have an employment prerequisite for spending all my money, though, so it's time to get down to business and get into business!

TOP Rugby Ralph Lauren | JEANS Uniqlo | SHOES Moleca |
MATE BAG gift | EARRING, RING, & PENDANT various ferias |
NAIL POLISH Essie in turquoise & caicos & Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in 310 Sunset Orange

Mostly I'm thrilled to be back in early spring! This is going to be my fifth summer in a row (due to my infernal insistence on bouncing back and forth across the equator every 6 months) and I am savoring these 2 weeks a year I've been able to wear sleeves and not feel like I am co-occupying them with a self-made slip-n-slide. I am also savoring everything delicious ever, including the giant box of Randazzo doughnuts ever that is currently making crafty flirty-eyes at me (or perhaps my waistline) from the kitchen table. I've got the better of them, though, because if I eat another one I think I'll be sick.

Boyf has also been thrilled to be back, which yesterday actually meant hungover and which ultimately means I've got a bit of a grumpkins on my hands! But it's okay, because then I found this new pretty little park over on Clouet and dragged him there to get some sunshine and mate in his system.
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