Travel Diaries: Paraty

As you may or may not have heard, we spent two days in Paraty and the first of those sitting in the hostel looking wistfully out at the rain, fingers crossed for a rainless tomorrow. To our great delight, tomorrow was mostly rainless, if one of the wettest (yet paradoxically dryest - the whole town awoke to find itself without running water (!) apparently due to rain (?)) rainless days imagineable (although the puddles made for some great artistic endeavors!). And we made new friends!

We and our new friends tried for an early start to beat the rain and made our way into the old colonial city center, which looked strangely exactly like other old Latin American colonial city centers (Córdoba, I'm talking to you) and wandered the wet cobblestones, overcome with the quaint romance and the pain of stubbing our toes repeatedly on protruding stones.

By afternoon we rented the world's slowest boat and went out to see some little macacas and tartarugas* on islands and then discovered that the boat ride came with lots of free and very delicious caipirinhas. So we coasted into the dock and then we and our new friends proceeded to make even more friends with the guys manning the boat! It was a delightful evening.

By yesterday evening we had arrived Rio and hastily hopped into the shower after our 2-day stint without running water. And it made me realize how glad and so very lucky I am to have been born in a first-world country in the modern age - imagine how bad it must have smelled during the Bubonic plague. And during every day, ever, before running water became widely accessible.

For the rest of today and tomorrow we'll be braving the drizzle here in Rio, and then it's back to NOLA! In the back of my mind I just keep thinking that it's only two more days until I can throw my toilet paper in the toilet again!

*"monkeys" and "turtles" in Portuguese, but just so much more fun to say than the English words!

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