Isa Goes to Philly

Philly is indeed where I've been lounging around and neglecting my blog the last few days, visiting an old (middle school!) friend that now goes to UPenn and enjoying the sunny weather. I hadn't been since a field trip in the 2nd grade! Needless to say, now that I can drink and move autonomously it was a totally different experience. The day we spent exploring the city on foot was littered with delicious snacks and cocktails. See below.

Today I head back to NOLA for a couple of weeks before heading out to San Francisco for a while with the fam. Also, won't disclose why yet because we can't be sure, but I may end up in NYC for the summer. Which is awesome, except that I'll be out of a photographer. Anyone interested? I promise I'll get you coffee/make you cookies (please note this is an otherwise unpaid position). Otherwise my blog will fall into shambles. Doesn't that sound horrifying? SHAMBLES.

Oh, and P.S.! Happy Earth Day!

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