Ruby Dooby Dooby Doo

This is Ruby, beloved family pet and adorable placeholder. So named because he has a particular fondness for ingesting the gem in question (this is a birdy whose stomach might actually be worth pumping, although as to where to get such a tiny stomach pump I have no idea).

Unfortunately, I did not bring my photographer on my grand adventure to the northeast and I was terribly busy this weekend with a training program I'm doing, so instead of offering you a fashionable strut around the block this young Monday morning I am offering you a feathery friend. But isn't that better anyways?

Tonight I head to Boston to visit a dear friend for all of a day - I will make my best attempt to visually document the trip, but no promises. Gawd if there's one thing I hate about blogging it's the way it turns my entire life into a photo shoot. Sometimes you just want to go back to enjoying the scenery instead of desperately attempting to get that one flattering picture of it while onlookers look on snickering and you suppress the urge to yell, "SO WHAT?! YOU TRY BUILDING AND KEEPING A FOLLOWING SOMETIME AND THEN WE'LL TALK," you know?

Happy Monday!

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