Puerto Rico by iPhone Part I - Les Plages

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have realized that I wasn't actually in NOLA this past week, but in... Puerto Rico! However, as I think I've mentioned before, possibly my least favorite thing about blogging is feeling the need to photo-document everything in my life for the internet, and so while packing the small backpack I took on this trip I made an executive decision to NOT pack the camera. Luckily, Puerto Rico is one of those things that is so photogenic it doesn't even need a camera that takes up half your luggage to look good! And so I present to you the first part of the two-part series Puerto Rico by iPhone, the new way to enjoy your vacation without worrying about how picturesque your pictures are. (Also these iPhone cameras really aren't too shoddy!)

We spent the first couple of days exploring the El Yunque rainforest, the small towns and beaches of the east coast, and the island of Culebra, and it could not have been a more fantastical adventure. The only downsides were the lack of toilets (but that's camping, eh) and some mysterious two-pronged creatures that sunk their stingers into my foot at some point and caused it to swell to twice its normal size, which in turn graced me with the gait of an old lady with a bum leg for a day or two. Otherwise, though, magical I tell you, magical!

Our accommodations came in a little tent bag we brought with us and extracted some very reasonable fees ranging from nothing to $20 a night, which made the whole trip very affordable. I still have no job but at least I am living (although as I type this I can already feel my parents' rage and indignation. Sorry rents!)!

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