Puerto Rico by iPhone Part II - La Ville

I bring you now photos from our 2 days in San Juan, where I found myself primarily munchin' and explorin' (duh) with a couple new freckles following our days on the sand. I got terribly excited about the Argentinian empanadas, which I generally miss like crazy, and had the BEST CHURROS I HAVE EVER TASTED (NOM!). I also went absolutely batshit over the walls in all the old forts - I can never get enough of cool walls. Our overall impression of San Juan (especially Old San Juan) is that it is quaint, cobblestoned, and colonially Caribbean - perfect for few days of strolling as long as you remember sunscreen!

But the verdict is in and it is this: if you ever get the chance to visit Puerto Rico, GO. Especially if you reside in the US of A and don't even need to take your passport. Or change currencies. Or learn more than a little Spanglish. Or if you like architecture, or beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, or perfect weather all the time, or plantains.

Or if you're broke and/or have no income, which qualifies both me and my travel buddy. But it turns out the plane tickets from New Orleans are actually pretty cheap, and camping on the beach is no more than $20 a night, and food is actually pretty cheap too if a bit too fried for my taste. Our biggest cost was renting the car and honestly, that wasn't even that bad! This was a Caribbean vacation that was totally worth it, and TOTALLY AWESOME.

(And now the focus shifts back to getting any sort of income possible.)

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