Jeffrey & Me

I've had this shoot in mind ever since I painted Jeffrey (my co-star in these photos) hot pink (he used to be a rather boyish metallic navy blue) in April, but I only got around to it right before I left NOLA a few weeks ago. But it's around time he got to show off a bit! Doesn't he look fabulous?

BIKE Huffy | LACE BODYSUIT American Apparel |
 SHORTS Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters |
 SHOES Stuart Weitzman | PURSE Patricia Nash |

Jeffrey (not Jeff, never Jeff!) and I have been through thick and thin together, by which I mean lots of hot, hot New Orleans sun, wet, wet New Orleans downpours, and everything in between (including a few flat tires). He was my main means of transportation my last two years in college and a very trusty one at that, and at $85 he was a helluva lot cheaper than gas! Plus I now have nifty bike-fixin' skills (which I probably could have avoided acquiring by paying more up front, but ultimately I think it's a perk).

Anyways, I miss my bestest bud sometimes now that we are so far away from each other - especially when I want to get somewhere and realize I have to walk, which I certainly wouldn't do in these shoes! Who is your trusty transportation companion?
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