Words of the Day

I've always been secretly into lettering - my old sketchbooks, which I still refuse to show anyone, are covered in fanciful random words - even though I didn't really know that it was a thing until college. Unfortunately, over the course of college I also consumed increasingly more beer with friends and produced increasingly fewer doodles alone in my room.

The great thing about being back at the rents' is that there's plenty of time and room to produce doodles galore, so here is one of my most recent ones made cool instagram-able photo. I might even start making this a regular thing, maybe finally get together that portfolio I've been meaning to compile since forever. I am also a huge font geek/incredibly picky about textual presentation (still agonizing over what fonts to use on my CV!) and this gives me an insane amount of free time to geek out over and download various fonts to add to my illustrator collection - proof here.

Please let me know what you think of this post and if you'd care to see more of these! And I hope you're all having a lovely Friday and have a great weekend planned! Ta-ta!

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