5 hours on the Upper East Side

5 hours of sunshine, sweet eats, and city is a great way to guarantee that when you hit the sack, you don't miss. After wandering around Central Park and filling my belly with gluten (those cookies add up!), the spiffily-dressed lad and I headed to Brooklyn for a dinner of pies n' thighs by which I mean bunless hamburger, medium rare please. By the time we got home at 11 we were all but zombified, or to literally sum up our Saturday that would be +5 points for fun, -3 for the gams, and surely by anyone's definition +2 fun is a good day.

I'm still growing acquainted with my most recent splurge by making myself look as touristy as possible in my own city and practicing my portraiture on all the scantily-clad marble ladies at the Met. There are so many different ways to manipulate light and after 20 years thinking that this is mostly done by flipping a switch or moving into the shade it's proving challenging to wrap my head around how aperture and ISO interact and seriously, can someone explain to me what in the heck metering is because no matter how many times I read the Wikipedia article it eludes me.

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