be my friend and you might get one of these too

About this time last month, I got bitten by the doodle bug again (read: boredom) and capitulated to the all-encompassing urge to fill up every last page of my beloved Moleskine with line drawings and a billion square pixels with typography/lettering inspo, as evidenced by this pinterest board.

It's also been a long-time small joy of mine to send long-distance friends handmade cards, and one very lucky friend happened to have his birthday late last month - so I stayed up until 2 a.m. to make sure there was no way he could misunderstand the message on the card (it's written in all three languages he speaks). Be my friend, and you could find one in your mailbox too!

But there is more exciting news! I am jetsetting YET AGAIN (surprise!), and the following plane tickets have been bought:
+September 4-25 - New York>>>New Orleans>>>New York
+October 2 - New York>>>Frankfurt

I am on a mission to learn German and maybe (hopefully) get an English-teaching job (and a work visa!) while I apply to Master's programs across Europe and the States in the fall, and I'll be staying with a friend in Mainz for a couple weeks while I look for my own place. Are you excited? I AM.

be my friend and you might get one of these too

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