my weekend: picnic & a roadtrip

On Saturday, somewhere between beautiful picnic on the Mississippi and roadtrip, I learned for the umpteenth time that maybe multi-tasking isn't my forte when I endeavored to open the car door and duck to avoid a branch at the same time and hit myself square in the forehead with the the corner of the door, an unfortunate memory of insane stupidity and lack of coordination that is still marked by a tender purplish spot between my eyebrows. Go me.

But once I managed into the car with a still-(mostly)intact face, le Boyfriend and I made our way to Lafayette to attend a congregation of Louisiana's fittest, by which I mean the Cajunman Triathlon, by which I mean a bunch of really ripped people with southern drawls that have a special talent for making you feel bad about your fitness level just by existing. It was Boyfriend's first, and he did good. I did him the favor of posting a picture taken pre-the six gallons of sweat he ran across the finish line drenched in.

Since we're talking about fitness levels, I guess I should mention that I've somehow been inveigled into running a 5k next weekend, which means I have to try really, really hard to drag myself out of bed before it gets too hot (about 9 am these days) and run in circles around the neighborhood with only the dream of one day obtaining Shakira's abs pushing me on (and a miserable fear of being the only one who stops and walks on race day).

Also the Saints won against the Falcons yesterday, which means despite the miserable heat the city's in a pretty good mood and my Facebook feed is suddenly very football-themed. I'm making an effort to be a good American and get into the sport - I figure I already like beer and hot wings and know Drew Brees is our quarterback, so I'm already like 75% of the way there or something... right?

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