sweet eats: Kira Sushi in armonk, ny

Can I get a NOM NOM?! Seriously though, sushi is one of my favoritest foods on the face of... pretty much every planet. I love raw and I love cold. Cold pizza for breakfast? Yes please. (Except for no thank you now that I can't eat gluten SAD FACE.) Beef tartarrrrrre? I'd sleep in a bed of it face down so I could suffocate in its slimy goodness. And one thing I missed down in Louisiana was good sushi, of which there is a remarkable shortage considering all the other fishy things that can generally be found in locals' mouths.

But if you're ever in Armonk (don't know why you would be, but if you are) or even Greenwich (says Google), give this place a whirl. Their sashimi is always fresh as a whole field of daisies - but if you're not into that I think they have some good stir-fries too. My momma can make those better than anyone, though, so it's back to basics for me.

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