i-ay arted-stay ay umblr-tay!

It's good to be back in the Crescent City again, even though I foolishly booked my way out of NYC right before Fashion Week. But no regrets in the end as there is so much more to do here on my very meager budget!

The only real issue is the giant crash of thunder that just leapt out of the sky and the fact that I have a lunch date on the other side of the city and only Jeffrey to get me there, so I guess this is a good opportunity to see just how well my waterproof mascara will hold up.

In other news, I started a tumblr to document my and the new camera's burgeoning acquaintance(hopefully soon to be friend-)-ship, where I will be sharing my learn-as-I-go photography skills with all the world-wide interwebs (probably actually more like .00000000000001% of the world-wide interwebs) with such adorable awesome photos as the one above.

So please check it out at http://isatakespictures.tumblr.com/and let me know what you think!

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