& autumn is come to germany

Sooo today is the one-year anniversary of this blog and I'm celebrating with a post about leaves... and since that's lame anyways, I guess I can go ahead and talk about how this blog has evolved like the changing seasons. Or something. I'm going to read this later and hate myself.

Really, though, this blog has become a personal outlet to force me to cultivate my creative side, and approach everything in my life mindfully and with an eye for quality. As I've stopped caring about what people might like to see here and more about what I want to make, too, Bloggie and I have become better friends. You might even say we're besties. D'aww.

For those of you who have been here since the early days and are still sticking around even though I barely ever make any personal appearances anymore (part of this is due to lack of photographer - I miss you KK!), thank you - I appreciate your silent and/or vocal support. For newbies, welcome, enjoy my pictures of random sh*t. For everyone, as usual, brutally honest commentary is always not only accepted but welcome. Actually I'm asking.

Anyways, leaves.

I guess I never really got over the childlike delight of stepping on those crunchy leaves... or of jumping in a whole pile of them. Which results in most of my outfits these days containing at least some shade of yellow or orange in the form of leaves in my hair and on my clothes.

Germany is otherwise going well, we might even have internet in our apartment soon. Then boy oh boy you might never want to see another yellow leaf again.

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