Château de Versailles

Come the latter half of my week in Paris it was time for me to mosey on down to Sèvres, a lovely little suburb of Paris very conveniently located for visiting the beautiful Château de Versailles, to crash with a family friend and spend the aforementioned quality time with Da, my 11-year-old cousin whose photography skills and shoe size already surpass mine.

I guess it should suffice to say that the palace was as beautiful as the day was cold, but that said I am never really sure as I wander through these sorts of things if I would ever actually want to live and sleep under 25-foot carpeted ceilings with windows fringed by curtains that are about as difficult to move as a school bus. I think I could handle the majestic staircases - stair porn addiction aside, imagine never having to go into that cold for a workout! - but then the tradeoff is that if one of those chandeliers happens to fall on your head, you're pretty much mincemeat, literally.

Meh, I'm just speaking gibberish now. If you're fed up with the City of Lights already, never fear! I'll take my camera out one of these days so you can see just how much German fall looks... exactly like northeastern U.S. fall. But also cathedrals. And stuff. But seriously, please bear with me for now - we don't even have a fridge at our apartment yet, much less internet.

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