fall is here and the leaves are achangin'

I've been pretty lucky on the grandma front, because I've got two pretty awesome ones: a perfect American one whose house always smells like (and comes with) fresh-baked pie and who always has cool stories about the old days when the entire world was sepia, and an Asian one who also spoils me with everything delicious five times a day because it's pretty much a universal truth that your grandchildren can never be too full, amiright?

I had a delightfully grandma-ful weekend to end my time in the states with some good grandma lovin' - Mom and I roadtripped out to and back from Middle of Nowhere, New York to visit American grandma who was enjoying life in the hospital after an unfortunate misstep while dancing with the vacuum cleaner left her with nine fractured ribs.

I also gave Asian grandmother a call the other day, and she wasted no words in telling me that when choosing a partner ears are of the utmost importance, and that I should find myself a good man who is handsome but not too handsome or I will spend too much time fighting over him with other girls, and so I should try (I mean, as if it weren't obvious) to choose a partner who has good but not the most beautiful ears. Also he shouldn't be too tall (which she also informed me might be a concern if I'm looking in Germany).

Maybe she's got a point, eh? What do you think - how high up do ears rank on your list of things to consider when choosing a significant other? :P (I'm pretty sure the current boyfriend's make the cut.)

It should also be noted that FALL HAS ARRIVED here in New York State (please see above), and I can't wait for all the pumpkin and cinnamon and spice - oh wait except for I'm leaving today. But maybe the leaves are changing in Germany too.

P.S. Blog posts over the next two weeks might be on a bit of a delay, but you can follow my upcoming European adventures in real-time on instagram @isatakespictures!

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