La Tour Eiffel

You say to-mah-to, I say to-mey-to, you say Eiffel Tower, I say la Tour Eiffel because I'm fancy like that now.

The real reason I was in Paris, though, was to see my aunt and my cousin Da - my family is very close-knit, but since all my cousins live in Singapore I don't get the chance to see them very often. (This is particularly emphasized by the near-foot she's grown since I last saw her.) But since we are adorable, we coordinated this vacay so Da and I could spend quality time on the banks of the Seine - awww.

She also tagged me in a million unflattering photos on instagram, but she's 11 and adorable so I guess she can get away with it.

If she's reading this, though, NOT FOR MUCH LONGER.

Sigh. They grow so fast.

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