sweet eats: Little Crepe Street in mount kisco, ny

little crepe street, mount kisco, ny cucumber lemonade Okay so first I guess I should admit that this is ALL A FAÇADE - I'm actually writing this still in September but I'll already be in Germany by the time these words make their way to your eyes. But who knows when in the whole settling-in process I'll have time to blog, so I'm all on top of preparing posts as I am simultaneously most definitely not all on top of finishing up all the statements for those applications I swore I'd finish before I board that flight.

Anyways, if you are ever in Mount Kisco (don't know why you would be, but if you are), and you like crepes or anything delicious, I highly recommend Little Crepe Street. They have nonsensical random French words written all over the bathroom door and a tikka masala crepe that is absolutely scrumptious - you'll be all like, what? Bacon? What's that?

If you need any more convincing, my mom will not shut up about the cucumber lemonade anytime anyone mentions the place, so it's not a bad joint to hit up if you're just thirsty either. And they even have two different options for gluten-free crepes, so 5 stars* for suresies.

*My only complaint is that they don't have free refills on the coffee - which is, admittedly, also fairly delicious.

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