Mainzer Dom

I'm not hesitant to confess I still haven't figured out how to use my Canon 60D in the dark yet other than ramping up the ISO (hence the excess of grain in the first photo), but practice makes perfect, right? And it was a beautiful sunny day when I took these, so I figured I'd never have more natural light to work in than then. I wish I knew how to take photos that could do this cathedral half the justice it deserves.

Whatever - I'm sure anyone who's ever been to Europe knows what a cathedral looks like. I, though, much to the bane of any European that should ever happen to walk through a European city with me, never get tired of them. There's something so romantic about the history in these places and the mystery and romanticism that lingers in them that never gets old. The Mainzer Dom is 1000 years old - 1000! - and I could probably spend hours in there trying to imagine the lives behind the hands that constructed those pillars and the thousands more that have experienced the shadows that move across them in the afternoon.

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