Schloss Benrath

I may have neglected to mention this during my woe-betide-Halloween-less-meeee rant, but it should be noted that Düsseldorf is actually a hotspot for Asian goodies! Hence the mochi in frame 7. But seriously, if you're ever in Germany and just reeeeeeally craving some genuine ramen, that's probably the place to get it!

But also, if you're ever in Düsseldorf in the fall (or probably even spring or summer), head out a little to the beautiful Schloss Benrath so you can lose your breath among a wonderland of light and shadows and color and birdsong. Do I sound like Pocahontas' theme song-writer? Maybe. But I really felt like the frickin' queen of the heavens here. Methinks a fitting way to start your November.

Plus there were swans.

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