thanksgiving freak-out
(or Maybe I Am Being Too Ambitious Again This Year)

I've officially compiled my Thanksgiving menu, and just in time too because I'll be having one Singaporean cousin in from London and 10 Hungry Germans to impress with my fabulous smorgasbord of American Food That Isn't A Hamburger. I've got until Saturday to prepare (when I have arbitrarily decided to hold Thanksgiving, since no one will get Thursday off here because there were no pilgrims to celebrate not starving) but I still don't have a comprehensive grocery list together and our kitchen's so lacking in basic essentials we haven't even got flour or nutmeg. Or a grater for the carrot salad. Or enough hands to simultaneously roll the pie dough and rub the turkey in a delicious mix of spices OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO.

I kid. It'll be fine (I'm making the roomie do the turkey). Except when I told the Germans 2 for lunch, really I meant 4. So when they all show up at 2 o'clock sharp, I guess the game plan is to throw some more flour in my hair and look too haggard for them to be annoyed that I've invited them over and am somehow late with my meal. Backup plan is give them more beeeeeeeeeer.

But recipes!

1 Rosemary Mashed Potatoes There's no real recipe for this one, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that they're inspired by the newest addition to our cosy windowsill family, Arni the Rosemary Plant. But just mash potatoes the way you usually do, except with fresh rosemary à l'Arni. Photo Credit
2 Classic Eggnog Because who isn't a fan of this stuff? Until you see how many eggs are in it, that is. I've got an unsourced recipe of my own that is scrumptious at worst, but if you don't this one seems pretty comparable.
3 Carottes Râpées (French Carrot Salad) One of my favorite easy recipes to make year-round, and if anyone ever tries to tell you everything David Lebovitz makes isn't delicious, you should write them off immediately because they're clearly an idiot.
4 Butternut Squash Chips For those impatient Germans to nosh on whilst they're waiting for the real meal.
5 Simple Sage Stuffing I made a similar recipe last year and it was the most delicious thing on the table. But I am also a female who loves carbs, and stuffing's always been my Thanksgiving favorite.
6 PIE Last but not least (never least!), dessert! I like to wing my pie fillings, but for the pumpkin I generally at least vaguely follow the classic Libby's recipe (but with real pumpkin purée, of course), and apple I just mix in some sugar and butter and cinnamon and throw some more of the same on top. The enthusiastic pie link will, however, lead you to a very delicious homemade pie crust, because you can't build a great pie on a sub-par foundation. Be warned, though, it does require some chill time.

Back to the topic at hand, though, really: what is it with this impeccable German timing? (Begin Observation on Germany #3:) When people told me Germans were pünktlich, I thought that they meant that when someone says the party starts at 7, you should arrive at 7:30 instead of 9. But actually it means you should arrive no later than 7:05, which means I almost always arrive (just barely at 7:15) looking the aforementioned level of haggard. I think living in South America mellowed me out too much for this clock-centered culture. That or I need to finally get myself that watch for Christmas.

P.S. If you need more Thanksgiving foodspo, check out last year's Thanksgiving Lineup of Very Delicious Things.
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