It's probably safe to say now that we are officially transitioning out of fall and into winter... by which I mean, brr. The motivation to head out and explore has been mostly eradicated on cloudy days, hence how I found myself the last day and a half biting my nails (sorry Mom!) through the Hunger Games trilogy, an easy but engrossing read. I do find it as ever a little strange, though, that the poor heroine seems to be expected to choose a life partner at the ripe young age of... seventeen.

On the other hand, though, it's good to know I can tear myself away from the internet long enough to read a book. A Hundred Years of Solitude had me practically convinced that maybe I do have ADHD, but the real problem was probably - as Jen so succinctly put it - that "you need 100 years and a whooole lot of solitude to get through that book!"

The cold is proving very difficult for me after 5 consecutive summers flying back and forth between the hemispheres, but luckily I've got some chunky, cosy knits so I can curl up on the couch with my book in style. Between that and the addition of a working stove to our humble abode (HOT FOOD), maybe there's hope I'll be able to make it at least through the end of November.

Now excuse me while take a break from my whining so I can coat my nails in something shiny to avoid any further damage.

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