architectural highlight: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt

purity is a myth Sorry for the intermittent posting but I've been buslazy lately. But to try and make up for it, here's a million pictures of pretty walls!

On my one day in Frankfurt I found myself wandering into the MMK after I felt I had thoroughly explored the Altstadt (around 2 pm) and, while some of the art was certainly cool, found myself thoroughly blown away by the architecture. If this place were my room, I would most certainly clean it on the reg just to keep all the perfectly clean lines and shapes in their place. Also if this place were my house I would never leave it. I would get a bunch of fish and play Palestrina super-loud so it echoed off all the angled white walls.

In short, if you're in need of an architect anytime soon, you should probably definitely give Hans Hollein a call.

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