bird's eye view: Frankfurter Dom

MAN-GOYLE tee hee I really only spent a single full day in Frankfurt last week, but even though it is a major metropolis, being a major German metropolis it's just not that big a city. (This is a country where Mainz - a city with a population of around 200,000 - is generally considered to be "a pretty big city". In other news: I grew up between NYC and Bangkok. Let's not talk "big cities".)

Even so, the few attractions I visited in and around the Altstadt* each seem to be pretty deserving of their own posts, and so here you have the view from the Dom.

If we're to talk about the Dom itself, the million-dollar question is, as usual: how in the hell did they build these things?! Just climbing that tower was wholly dizzifying, not to mention one hell of a work-out (at least I'm working off some of this beer?). Can you imagine carrying the top steps all the way up the bottom steps?! You would die, I'm sure of it.

It's worth mentioning that Frankfurt is really the only city in Germany that has skyscrapers**, but it seems more authentically badass to climb an ancient stone structure with indoor wind than to just pick one and take an elevator. Plus there are man-goyles (see 4th photo)!

*old city center - all German cities have these
**LEARN GERMAN! skyscrapers = Wolkenkratzer - literally, "cloud-scratchers"

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