Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt

Almost overnight, all of Europe seems to have burst into CHRISTMAS. Actually, in Mainz it was very nearly overnight - one day all these wooden structures appeared in the center square, and then a few days later those plain wooden structures erupted into so much tinsel and hot wine and light tourists it can only be described as an assault on the senses. A cheery, heartwarming assault on the senses.

But, of course, as these things are, all the pretty things are too expensive anyways, so you get left with all the affordable things like Bratwurst and pommes frites (instead of calling them "French fries," Germany has decided to call them "fried potatoes"... in French) and tons and tons of Glühwein which is, of course, only good when hot, so chuggity chug chug.

If, of course, the lady you order it from doesn't think you're under 16, WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER DAY.

Honestly, though, I can think of worse ways of procrastinating on studying German grammar (plus I am picking up plenty of holiday-themed vocabulary!) and wrapping up college apps. And, if you follow me on instagram, it's probably clear that I've been procrastinating a whole lot.

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