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architectural highlight: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt

purity is a myth Sorry for the intermittent posting but I've been buslazy lately. But to try and make up for it, here's a million pictures of pretty walls!

On my one day in Frankfurt I found myself wandering into the MMK after I felt I had thoroughly explored the Altstadt (around 2 pm) and, while some of the art was certainly cool, found myself thoroughly blown away by the architecture. If this place were my room, I would most certainly clean it on the reg just to keep all the perfectly clean lines and shapes in their place. Also if this place were my house I would never leave it. I would get a bunch of fish and play Palestrina super-loud so it echoed off all the angled white walls.

In short, if you're in need of an architect anytime soon, you should probably definitely give Hans Hollein a call.

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bird's eye view: Frankfurter Dom

MAN-GOYLE tee hee I really only spent a single full day in Frankfurt last week, but even though it is a major metropolis, being a major German metropolis it's just not that big a city. (This is a country where Mainz - a city with a population of around 200,000 - is generally considered to be "a pretty big city". In other news: I grew up between NYC and Bangkok. Let's not talk "big cities".)

Even so, the few attractions I visited in and around the Altstadt* each seem to be pretty deserving of their own posts, and so here you have the view from the Dom.

If we're to talk about the Dom itself, the million-dollar question is, as usual: how in the hell did they build these things?! Just climbing that tower was wholly dizzifying, not to mention one hell of a work-out (at least I'm working off some of this beer?). Can you imagine carrying the top steps all the way up the bottom steps?! You would die, I'm sure of it.

It's worth mentioning that Frankfurt is really the only city in Germany that has skyscrapers**, but it seems more authentically badass to climb an ancient stone structure with indoor wind than to just pick one and take an elevator. Plus there are man-goyles (see 4th photo)!

*old city center - all German cities have these
**LEARN GERMAN! skyscrapers = Wolkenkratzer - literally, "cloud-scratchers"

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Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt

Almost overnight, all of Europe seems to have burst into CHRISTMAS. Actually, in Mainz it was very nearly overnight - one day all these wooden structures appeared in the center square, and then a few days later those plain wooden structures erupted into so much tinsel and hot wine and light tourists it can only be described as an assault on the senses. A cheery, heartwarming assault on the senses.

But, of course, as these things are, all the pretty things are too expensive anyways, so you get left with all the affordable things like Bratwurst and pommes frites (instead of calling them "French fries," Germany has decided to call them "fried potatoes"... in French) and tons and tons of Glühwein which is, of course, only good when hot, so chuggity chug chug.

If, of course, the lady you order it from doesn't think you're under 16, WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER DAY.

Honestly, though, I can think of worse ways of procrastinating on studying German grammar (plus I am picking up plenty of holiday-themed vocabulary!) and wrapping up college apps. And, if you follow me on instagram, it's probably clear that I've been procrastinating a whole lot.

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