egads it's 2014 & year in review

I am officially back and eek! It's a totally different year already. And I'm already a week behind the seemingly traditional "year in review" post, but I'm lazy so you just get this lame picture I took last week of the cardinal that lives in my parents' backyard (although he is really very photogenic).

My life this past year has been pretty purely awesome - sure, I get bummed sometimes (read: bored), but it's only because hip-hop music videos have given me unrealistic expectations of how much boat-time and swag I need to be badass.

But in 2013, I got to go back to Patagonia and spend time with my amazing Argentinian host family. I got to sample hip cafes in São Paulo, do Carnaval in Rio, and have caipirinhas on a boat in Paraty. I shaved my head. I spent a week camping with awful fire ants and watching sunrises on the beach in Puerto Rico, I got to spend one last summer partying with all my college besties in New Orleans, and I got to start a terrifying new life in Germany and eat tons of authentic bratwurst (which has me mostly convinced I should seriously consider vegetarianism). I started properly running. I got my very own DSLR and then took my very own photos in Philly and Boston. I went on picnics, and ate at fancy restaurants, and caught up with old high school friends. I roadtripped! I ate cake. I went to Paris and spent way too much on cappuccinos. I saw snow for the first time in years and I finally fulfilled my dream of going to a German Christmas market - actually I went so much I got sick of them - and oh my god if I ever complain about anything ever again somebody please slap me.

Dude(s & dudettes) I swear I didn't even mean to brag or anything, but I've just realized I'm such a lucky little brat I can't even talk about my regular life without sounding like I'm bragging. But I know none of it would have been nearly as amazing if it hadn't been for all the incredible people that are in my life, and all the incredible people I've met along the way.

Oh gawsh, I didn't mean this to get all sentimental... but regular posting to resume soon, promise.

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