NYC under snow

snow quotes william shakespeare nyc new york city snow new york city snow new york city snow new york city snow new york city It had literally been years since I last saw snow when we got dumped on last week and New York City magically transformed into an eerily silent winter wonderland. Followed shortly thereafter, of course, by the less-than-magical sludge! which is when these shots were taken - in those in-between moments where I was both managing to keep my balance on the ice and not already on my a**. Thank heavens for young bones!

But today is the day I head back to the land of beer and bratwurst, the former of which I am looking forward to and the latter of which has me pretty seriously considering vegetarianism*. I'm pretty glad to be going back, but a little nervous about arriving as I've almost used up my tourist visa for this six-month stint and I don't know how long it's going to take for me to push another one through. I'm also slightly concerned that my suitcase is shaping up to be heavier than 23 kg - the only time you'll ever hear me say "damn you winter knits!".

Next time you hear from me it'll be from the other side of the Atlantic! In the meantime, lovely weekend to all! :)

*by which I mean pescatarianism, because I just don't think I can give up sashimi and ceviche.

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