snow day & running goals

Things are good so far back in Mainz, jetlag's had me down but the chocolate's got me back up again. My current life hurdle is that I really need to go to the Bürgeramt and register my residency, but our lease seems to have magically disappeared into the messy abyss of an apartment I returned to. Which is particularly key because I need to register my residency to go ahead and apply for a visa. Which is also key because otherwise I can't legally stay here. Which is key because.... well, if that happens, no more cheap Ritter Sport for me! -i.e. FML.

On the bright side, the weather - clocking in regularly at 1-3 degrees Celsius - seems fantastically warm in comparison to the frigid temperatures I was trying not to experience in NY by hiding in bed and four layers of socks, which means I've got myself a running schedule up and running (har har har that was an accident I swear) because - assuming I am still legally in this country on May 11 - I have decided I am going to run half the Mainz Gutenberg Marathon. How hard can it be, right?

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