as always, new resolve

Okay, yes, I realize I have over the course of a few measly months downgraded myself from thrice-weekly to Worst-Blogger-In-The-World, but in my defense I've made another cross-globe move and lost my photographer/better half somewhere along the way. Couple that with my total inability to make anything look even marginally better than reality through a lens, and you're facing a serious photo drought, leading to an equally hapless post drought. Sorrynotsorry?

I am going to try harder, though. We'll call it a springtime resolution. (Since my New Year's resolutions have long since expired.) Also on the list are: actually keeping a marathon training schedule, actually not eating sugar on a daily basis, actually bothering to find out if these are delicious or not, and actually remembering how to decline German adjectives properly. Although seriously, maybe German should make it a resolution to not make describing things so complicated.

Aaaaand to wrap it up, voilà how I make a mess of my kitchen table (above). Wishing you all (or those of you who are left still reading) a lovely week!

P.S. Travel photos to come (!!!).

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