(way late) Karneval recap!

Why yes, it is good to be young, thank you.

I think this image sums up the spirit of Karneval pretty nicely: throw on some wacky clothes, drink a few beers, spend a few beer-addled hours trading wacky items of clothing with all of your friends. Sleep, shower, repeat. Detox.

(Side note: In case you're wondering or eager to jump the gun on your plans for next year's Carnival festivities, after Rio, Mainz, and New Orleans, I'm still going to have to rank New Orleans as the best Carnival experience. Maybe sometime I'll actually even write a post about it.)

For Jen and me, detox this year means trying to break our sugar addictions. If you've ever quit cigarettes I imagine you know the feeling - constant cravings to the point of jittery-ness and constant, nonsensical streams of thought that alternate between "MUST- WANT- HAVE- NOW" and "I don't need this. I don't need you. Stupid sugar."

I broke yesterday after a 13k run and had a few spoonfuls of ice cream and a whole lot of juice, but I am forgiving myself the indiscretion and pushing forward. But at least marathon training is back on schedule - I'm starting this week with a smart new running partner and beautiful weather and sore feet. I'd be telling the biggest lie of my life if I said it's easy to stay strong through all this ICE CREAM WEATHER, but I'm excited to bust out the sunscreen because it means it's almost summer already.

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