off again!

First off, let me apologize for the crappy photo quality, but my computer is currently out of commission so it's all iPhone from here.

But anyways, what you see here is me trying my hardest to learn conversational Turkish in an afternoon, which for some daft reason I always seem to think you can do with a language if you've got a few hours and a lot of determination. Then, of course, I arrive at the anticipated destination and stare blankly at anyone who asks me what my name is. I'm not entirely optimistic this time since as far as I can tell so far Turkish seems to be structured both inside-out and backwards, but maybe if I just string a bunch of related words together people will think it's adorable and not charge me the tourist price for everything? Or, you know, maybe they'll just stare blankly right back.

Realistically speaking I'll probably give up by the time I board the plane tomorrow, but for now it seems like a productive tactic for procrastinating on packing and cleaning. So merhaba and tuvalet nerede, and a very lovely Easter holiday to all of you!

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