To wrap up the Turkey photos, here's Pamukkale, originally my most coveted destination. I first stumbled upon photos of these insane tiered cliff-pools on Pinterest and it's been up there on the Do-Not-Die-Before-You-See-This list ever since.

In this sense, however, it was disappointing. It was certainly cool, and beautiful, and we had great weather (also the only place in Turkey, perhaps, that is so overrun with foreigners that you won't feel completely out of place and immodest in a tank top and shorts or a bare midriff). But whereas I found Cappadocia to be cooler in person than in photos, I found Pamukkale to be not as. There were simply too many people, it's expensive to get to, and some of the pools are actually man-made.

But if you're in the area it's a great day trip!

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